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Premium Replica Sword “วัดไก่เตี้ย” – 52100

General specification

A secondhand replica of a famous design name “วัดไก่เตี้ย – Wat Kai Théar” dubbed as same name as the temple the original was found.

The blade handle beautifully well with balance close to the handle.
A bit of a shorter blade but with longer handle at 1:1 proportion.
A rare custom design ready to be send out from our partner for anyone who is interested.

Total Length : 102CM – 40”
Blade Lenght : 48.2M – 19″
Handle Lenght : 48.2CM – 19″
Total weight : 1000Gram
Weight without scabbard : 670Gram
Steel : SUP9

Price at 30,000 baht ~ 860 usd
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