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General specification

Steel : SK4 differential heat treat
Blade Finish : Satin Polish or Etched
Blade : 24 or 25″
Handle : 8″
Handle wrap colour can be customise
Scabbard : 3 options
Scabbard Rope : 12 colour options

Available in 2 model

1) Basic Model
with simple blade finish and round /oval handle weight 510gram
Price : 18,000 ~ 510 usd

2) Upgraded Model
with decorative stamped & fullered pattern and upgraded oval handle weight 560gram
Price : 20,000 ~ 570 usd

Price : Basic Model 18,000 ~ 510 usd
Upgraded Model 20,000 ~ 570 usd

Based off antique design of a Burmese Dha. Made with modern materiel. Our goal is to made a sword that closely resemble the handling characteristic of a Burmese Dha that we worked on as best as we could.

Customized Options
Blade Finish
Hand Wrap
Handle Type
Scabbard Finish
Scabbard Rope
Differential Heat Treat SK4 steel

Satin Polish or Acid Etching
we source our raw SK4 steel from reputable source and do periodically lab testing to check if our steel is up to standard. Customer can choose between clear satin polish and acid etching blade both in our custom and signature model

Blade Option
Steel: SK4 differential heat-treat
Finish: Satin or Etch
Blade fullered +500 Baht Stamp Pattern +1,000 Baht

Satin Finish with Stamp and Fuller
Acid Etch Finish with Double Fuller


Hand Wrap Color

Our standard wood core handles are wrap in raw cotton thread and treated. The result reinforce the handle yet light and give superior grip surface.
Standard colour is Black.
Additional colour choice Red , Blue , Dark Green , Dark Brown.

  • Twisted wire wrap in copper or brass + 2,000 – 3,000 Baht
  • Rayskin wrap + 2,500 – 3,500 baht.


Handle Type

Type A : Standard round handle with rope wrap
Type E : Burmese style Oval handle with copper fitting +500Baht
*All handle rope wrap can be custom colour or twisted wire wrap


Scabbard Finish

Type A : Standard finish with brown lacquer with 5 copper fitting
Type B : Black lacquer finish with 5 copper fitting
Type C : Rope wrap with copper fitting on both end of scabbard


Scabbard Rope

Carry rope come standard with our scabbard basic colour is black

All sword order come with standard rope and 12 colours option.

Additional rope is 500 baht

Premium Hand woven assorted colour rope is 1,500 baht 
 Please contact us for colour availability for premium rope

Texture Scabbard Finish

Come in a variety of options Our texture scabbard finish come standard in some of the models or can be customise to any of our swords.
Extra Lead time Plus 1-2 months

Standard Black Finish with Hemp Cord Wrap

+1,500 Baht

Textured Silk wrap

+ 1,500 Baht

Rough Textured Silk Wrap

+ 1,500 Baht

Combine textured/rough Silk wrap

+ 1,500 baht
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