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General specification

A NOBLE SWORD a typical design sword given to royalty, noble and high rank official back in Ayuthaya – Ratthanakosin Era.
Steel : SK4 differential heat treat
Blade Finish : Satin Polish or Etched
Blade : 24″
Handle : 12-13″
POB : 3″
Weight : 700 gram (without scabbard)
Handle wrap : Cotton rope covered with Natural Lacquer
Handle fitting : Ayuthaya style fitting (Brass or Nickel silver)
Scabbard Fitting : copper fitting with accent brass ring
Scabbard Finish : Natural Lacquer or Clear wood Finish
Scabbard Rope : 12 colour options

Price : 30,000 Baht

A sword gifted to officials and high rank noble back in Ayuthaya – Ratthanakosin Era. The fitting are design resemble lotus leaves which lotus represent goodness and justice. The sword is given to officials to reminded them of the responsibility they own to the people. The sword is uses as a symbolic item, show of status and a weapon of war.

Example of Antique Handle Construction

A very popular sword design dating from Ayuthaya period into early Rattanakosin Dynasty. The design was usually made and given to official with decorative pattern design , motif, and inlays. The more intricate design indicate higher status and rank.
This design also popular among collectors in Thailand and we want to bring our version for collectors and martial artist of our interpretation of this design.
We tackle the design by researching on various antiques to relearn the thought behind the design. We then reconstruct the same blade design geometry and handle construction to stay true to the original antiques. While adding modern method,steel and materials to further straighten the overall design of the sword.
Customized Options
Blade Finish
Handle Fitting
Scabbard Rope
Differential Heat Treat SK4 steel

Satin Polish or Acid Etching
we source our raw SK4 steel from reputable source and do periodically lab testing to check if our steel is up to standard. Customer can choose between clear satin polish and acid etching blade both in our custom and signature model

Blade Option
Steel: SK4 differential heat-treat
Finish: Satin or Etch
Blade fullered +500 Baht Stamp Pattern +1,000 Baht

Satin Finish with Stamp and Fuller
Acid Etch Finish with Double Fuller


Handle Fitting

Ayuthaya style fitting
A cast replica fitting based on Ayuthaya style handle.
Available in 2 options
1) Brass 2) Nickel Silver
*With Clear or Darken Finish


Scabbard Rope

Carry rope come standard with our scabbard basic colour is black

All sword order come with standard rope and 12 colours option.

Additional rope is 500 baht

Premium Hand woven assorted colour rope is 1,500 baht 
 Please contact us for colour availability for premium rope
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