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General specification

Steel : SK4 differential heat treat
Blade Finish : Satin Polish
Blade : 22 – 25″
Handle : 10 – 13″
Ver 1. Hardwood Scabbard with two copper fitting
Standard rope wrap handle with copper fitting
Ver 2. Hardwood scabbard with traditional Hand weave rattan wrap Traditional Hand weave rattan wrap handle with copper collar and end plate
Scabbard Rope : Black

Price range : 15,000 Baht ~ 430 usd

An affordable sword with excellent quality
Our entry level sword are made with differentially heat treat SK4 steel. The same steel we’re using for our custom and signature models. So you can expect the same quality and cutting experience offer in higher tier swords in our line up.
The entry level sword will be limited to standard fitting and finish to keep overall cost down but still retain the same blade quality

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