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General specification

Steel Option : SUP9 or 52100
Blade Profile : 19 options
Blade Finish : Satin
Fuller : Yes/No
Blade : 22 – 25″ (Up to 28″)
Handle : 8 – 13″ (Up to 14″)
Handle type : 2 or 3 textured metal fitting
Scabbard fitting and finish : Clear black textured finish
Handle wrap : Black
Carry Rope : 12 colours
Estimate weight : 450 – 700 gram
Limited Lifetime warranty from the forge

Blade Option
Sup9 blade’s steel at 25,000 baht ~ 714usd
52100 blade’s steel at 35,000 baht ~1,000 usd

Our forge direct custom sword give customer direct line to one of the best sword maker in Thailand.

The attention to detail provided by the smith guarantee a smooth crisp blade finish and detailed on each and every part of the sword. Combine with our expertise in Thai art. We are proud to present our customer one of the best sword maker in Thailand.

Same as our standard custom line. Customer can choose from below option. While the finish and fitting is limited to the style of the forge. All other details can be request and adjust per customers need.

Chaingmai's Best sword maker

With our forge direct line up. We give our customers access to the forge for custom options and superior craftsmanship.
Customized Options
Blade Profile
Texture Metal Finishing
Handle Fitting
Scabbard Rope


Premium Blade with attention to detail finish

Steel choice
SUP9 : 25,000 baht
52100 : 35,000 baht

The blade is covered by limited lifetime warranty by the forge under normal uses.

Customer can customise their own design length and overall weight.

  • Our recommended weight for moderate balance is 500 – 600gram.
  • For lighter and more agile we recommend around 400 – 500gram.
  • For heavy cutter a weight around 550 – 700gram will perform exceptional.

Length Parameter
Blade : 22 – 25″ (26-28″ +1,000 Baht)
Handle 8 – 13″
We can make blade up to 28″
And handle up to 15″

Weight Parameter 400 – 700 Gram
Our sword are handmade and the finished weight might differ a bit


Texture Metal Finishing

Our premium custom forge fitting are done with a crisp texture metal finish.
With 2 basic option.
2 metal fitting or 3 metal fitting.


Handle Fitting

Ayuthaya style fitting
A cast replica fitting based on Ayuthaya style handle.
Available in 2 options
1) Brass 2) Nickel Silver
+ 6,000 baht for this handle type.
*With Clear or Darken Finish

Laos-Viet Bronze fitting
Custom Handle Fitting : Lao-Viet Bronze fitting.
Made from cast bronze. Available in 2 finishing option
1) Clear Bronze Finish 2) Darken Bronze Finish
+ 6,000 baht for this handle type.
*With Clear or Darken Finish

Premium Laos fitting
Custom Premium Laos Fitting Total Length 14.5″ 
Available in 2 options
1) Brass 2) Nickle Silver
+ 8,500 baht for this handle type.
*With Clear or Darken Finish


Scabbard Rope

Carry rope come standard with our scabbard basic colour is black

All sword order come with standard rope and 12 colours option.

Additional rope is 500 baht

Premium Hand woven assorted colour rope is 1,500 baht 
 Please contact us for colour availability for premium rope

Texture Scabbard Finish

Come in a variety of options Our texture scabbard finish come standard in some of the models or can be customise to any of our swords.
Extra Lead time Plus 1-2 months

Standard Black Finish with Hemp Cord Wrap

+1,500 Baht

Textured Silk wrap

+ 1,500 Baht

Rough Textured Silk Wrap

+ 1,500 Baht

Combine textured/rough Silk wrap

+ 1,500 baht
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